Enter the competitionRegister on the IWC China site or log in to your IWC China account if you have entered previously. NB: IWC and IWC CHINA use the same account.


laComplete and submit your online entry before 1 August 2020.



Arrange shipment of your wine samples.

Consolidated shipping deadline for Worldwide (Hellmann)*: 1 August 2020

*All countries except Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Chile must send their samples to London (Hellmann Worldwide Shipping UK) 

Private shipping from outside China: 1 August 2020

Shipping from China: 21 August 2020

Please refer "Shipping rules and deadlines"  for more details below.

IWC China 2020 Timeline

Entry opens

startFrom 3 January 2020 to 1 August 2020


judge7 - 12 September 2020

Medals and Trophies announced

medal24 September 2020

Awards Dinner & IWC China Trade Tasting

dinnerTo be confirmed


By entering the IWC China the entrant will be deemed to have read and understood these rules and to be bound by them. These rules include any instructions set out in the entry form.

The organiser and data controller of the IWC China is William Reed Ltd, Broadfield Park, Crawley RH11 9RT, England.

Entry Fee

The entry fee for IWC China 2020 is £133 per wine + VAT where applicable. Plus £70 to participate in the IWC China Shanghai Trade Tasting. For international samples we recommend that you use the IWC China consolidated shipping agents (Hellmann Beverage Logistics or Hot Express Chile). There is an additional fee of £75 plus VAT for submitting entries using this service. If you have chosen to use your own carrier service you are fully responsible for all delivery costs including shipping, customs, taxes, duty and storage.

Payment Methods

Online payment can be made by most credit cards. You can also request an invoice in £, €, US$, Yen. Invoices can be paid by payment card simply go to our invoice payment portal at https://ipp.wrbm.com and enter the details from your invoice. Invoices can also be paid by bank transfer. All payments must be made in the currency stated on your invoice.

Entry Forms

Online entry forms must be received before 1 August 2020. Wines must be received before 1 August 2020. Entry fees must be received prior to the start of the judging or the entry will be disqualified.

Criteria for entry

Entries will not be accepted unless an entry form has previously been received in accordance with these rules. Responsibility cannot be accepted for lost, late or mislaid entry forms or entries. Any which are damaged, corrupted or incomplete or which otherwise do not comply with these rules may be deemed invalid in the sole discretion of the organiser. Entries must be, or be intended to be, available for retail sale in China. Entries must be made solely from the partial or complete alcoholic fermentation of grapes or grape must. Entries must be labelled in accordance with the Chinese labelling regulations or European Union Wine Regulations showing the name of the region and geographical area of origin of the wines. Wines produced in one country and bottled in another may be entered. Entries must be sold fitted with a non-reusable sealing or closing device. Sealed screwcap bottles will be accepted. Entries must be in their finished state for retail. Temporary labels are accepted but the information that appears on these labels must be the same as the information that will appear on the final label. (Please note all bottles are photographed for the IWCC free website, therefore it is advisable to avoid using temporary labels).

Withdrawal of entries

An entry may be cancelled by email to IWCC iwcc@wrbm.com with the name of the wine to be withdrawn and the name of the entrant cancelling the entry. Entry fees will only be refunded if the cancellation is received before 1 August 2020. ENTRY FEES FOR ENTRIES CANCELLED AFTER 1 August 2020 WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.


Please submit 4 bottles of each wine for judging. If wines have also been entered into the Shanghai trade tasting please submit an additional 2 bottles, i.e. a total of 6 bottles of each wine. When the same wine is entered by more than one entrant, all entrants' names will be featured equally in the report of the tasting. Entries will become the property of the organiser and will not be returned. By entering the IWCC, all entrants will be deemed to have consented to the transfer of their personal data to the data controller for the purposes of the administration of the IWCC and any other purposes to which the entrant has consented. These terms and conditions shall be governed by English law.

IWC China 2020 Shipping Rules and Deadlines

Importing wines into China can be expensive, with taxes and duties totalling around 48.5% of the CIF value. We have organised Hellmann Beverage logistics (and Hot Express in Chile) to consolidate and ship your wines through Chinese customs in the most efficient way possible.

The delivery address and shipping deadline will depend on your country of origin.



All wines must be Chinese duty paid.

Duty is NOT payable for wines originating from these countries:

New Zealand

The Chinese customs require the following rules.
All wines have a minimum CIF value of 80RMB. This can be higher if your product will have a trade price higher than this.
So as a minimum payable for 6 bottles wine including international shipping will be:
CIF = ¥181.50 +Tariff ¥25.41 + VAT ¥33.11+ Tax ¥22.99 = ¥1098.03 or £126.21 per entry.

Those countries that are tariff free are
Australia, Australia, Chile, Georgia, New Zealand. So the shipping and fees from these countries will be:
CIF = ¥181.50+ VAT ¥29.04+ Tax ¥20.17 = ¥904.24 or £103.94 per entry.


Packing your samples

Only use the official IWC China shipping label and airway bill sent to you automatically after you have submitted your entry.

The IWC China shipping labels have a unique barcode which will allow the IWC China to track your shipment once it arrives at the judging venue.

If you are using a private courier please: 
- stick your official IWC China labels on the side of your boxes. This is to prevent courier companies sticking labels over IWC China address labels.
- mark "Shipper accepts charges" on your couriers' shipping forms to ensure that all costs get charged to you. Keep a copy of this, it is required as proof that Chinese duties have been paid.

Documentation you will need to upload to the IWC China site:

- Original Hygiene Certificate for each wine (pdf)

No Polystyrene please!

The IWC are enthusiastic recyclers. We recycle all leftover wine, corks, glass bottles and cardboard packaging. In the past, all polystyrene packaging waste went to a company that turned it into insulation bricks for homes. However, due to a change in the recycling rules we are unable to recycle this mixed polystyrene and we are now it must go to landfill. And we don’t want to do that.

So we are asking producers to use friendly materials for packaging, such as cardboard inners. Cardboard is easily recyclable.

Please do not send your wines with polystyrene inners.

Delivery deadlines - International shipment via consolidated agents

The delivery deadlines for samples shipped with Hellmann & Hot Express (Chile) are: 

Consolidated shipping deadline for Worldwide (Hellmann)*: 1 August 2020

*All countries except Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Chile must send their samples to London (Hellmann Worldwide Shipping UK) 

Please visit here for Consolidated Shipping Agents Contact List.

Delivery deadlines - International shipment via private courier

The delivery deadlines for International shipments via DHL, FedeX and other couriers are before 1 August 2020.

WARNING: Please use our registered importer for wine samples in Shanghai – Anzhan Logistics. Please click HERE to receive full instruction on how to ship using our preferred import agent.

Please refer 'Packing your samples' for instructions.

IMPORTANT: If you choose to use your own carrier service you are fully responsible for ALL transportation costs including shipping, tariff, taxes and storage. The IWC China will not be responsible for your shipping and customs charges.

You can ship using your International courier. This method is very difficult and very expensive. Please ensure that you follow the instructions thoroughly and prepare all the documentation required. Please allow plenty of time to get through customs.

Documentation you will need to upload to the IWC China site:
-Original Certificate of Origin for each wine (Pdf)
-Original Health Certificate duly stamped by the concerned Health authority (Pdf)
-Bottling certificate
-Front and Back Bottle labels (Jpeg)

Our official import agent is Anzan Logistic.


John Hu

Shanghai AZ Logistics Co.,Ltd
Room601, ShengTai International Building,No.200 Siping Road Shanghai 200086,P.R.C.
Tel:+86 21 50433363*813

Fax:+86 21 50433502



When do I need to submit my entries for the IWC China 2020?

The deadline for online entries is 1 August 2020. If you have not entered the IWC or IWC China before, you can create an account here .

Forgotten your password?


Use the link 'Forgotten password?'. An email will be sent to the contact email address for your Company's account.

Email the IWC China: iwcc@wrbm.com your company name or Company ID and a member of the IWC China team will come back to you as soon as possible.

How many samples do I need to send?

Please submit 4 bottles of each wine for judging. If wines have also been entered into the Shanghai trade tasting please submit an additional 2 bottles, i.e. a total of 6 bottles of each wine.

Can I only enter the Trade Tasting and not the International Wine Challenge China?

The IWC China Trade Tasting is only open to IWC China entrants.

The IWC Points system

The points system, based on a 100-point scale, has been used as a base at the International Wine Challenge in London for the past 25 years, to determine whether a medal will fall into the Gold medal (95-100), Silver medal (90- 94), Bronze medal (85-89) or Commended Award (80-84) points category.

What format should my VAT registration number appear in?

To see a list of international VAT registration number formats click here.

Cancellation Policy

Withdrawal of entries
To cancel an entry you must email the IWCC here with the name of the wine to be deleted and the name of the company deleting the entry. Entry fees can only be refunded in full if the cancellation is made before the last date for shipping.