What sets the IWC China apart from other competitions?

IWC CHINA was jointly established by British business media conglomerate William Reed Business Media, Shanghai Waigaoqiao International Exhibition and Trading Center for Wine & Beverage Co.,Ltd and Shanghai Pudong Branch of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, which officially launched in China 2019. The International Wine Challenge(IWC) has been successfully held for 36 years, IWC CHINA as well applies its rigorous tasting and scoring system to carefully select the quality wines for China market. The competition is not limited to local Chinese wines, wine producers and wineries around the world are welcomed to enter.

Shanghai Waigaoqiao International Exhibition and Trading Center for Wine & Beverage Co.,Ltd was established in November 2008. Under the strategic guidance of establishing Shanghai as “International Trade Center”, the government of Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone aims to build a comprehensive trade service platform to promote international wines with low cost and high efficiency and then introduce into China market.

Shanghai Pudong Branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, since its establishment in September1993, it has been committed to promoting trade, investment and economic and technological cooperation activities between China and the rest of the world.



How the tastings work

Now let's have a look at what happens to your wines after you've entered the IWC China. Please note that the process is the same for both IWC in London and IWC in China.

Round one

Round one

Round one of the judging commences. Wines are either marked as 'Out', given a Commended award or progress to the next round. The IWC China Chairmen then re-taste all 'outs' and 'commended' wines to confirm the mark. If the IWC China Chairmen believe the wine is eligible it may be re-entered into round two to give it another chance, if two co-chairs agree.

Round two

Round two

Round two of the judging begins. Wines are marked as 'Out', Gold, Silver or Bronze medals or given a Commended award. All wines are re-tasted by the IWC China Chairmen to verify the results.

Trophy Tasting

Trophy Tasting

Wines awarded Gold medals progress to the Trophy round, where they are put into new 'flights' for more blind tasting. Gold and Silver medal-winning wines that fall into the Great Value category are also tasted at this time. Regional and national Trophies and Great Value medals are awarded. All Trophy winning wines are re-tasted by the IWC China Chairmen who then decide which wines should be awarded the IWC China Champion Red, White, Sparkling, Sweet and Fortified.

Results annoucement

Results annoucement

Wines that have won Trophy, Gold, Silver or Bronze or received a Commended award can immediately promote their success. There is no news embargo and the results will be broadcast through international press releases and across all IWC and IWC China platforms, including websites and social media.

Behind the scenes

What happens before the tasting?

A simple explanation of the complex system that ensures all wines are tasted fairly.

Shipping samples

Shipping samples

Entrants are required to send 6 samples of each wine submitted. 2 samples are required for wines entered into the IWC China TradeTasting. 1 bottle may be taken by Chinese Authorities for sampling and testing. All samples will become the property of the organiser.



Wines from the depot are checked, given a unique code, repackaged and sent to the tasting venue in preparation for the judging.

Sorting and Photographing

Sorting and Photographing

On arrival, wines are unloaded on to shelves in a temperature controlled storage facility. Wines are organised by style then country so that they are easy to locate. At this stage wines are also photographed for our website and records.

Picking and Flighting

Picking and Flighting

Wines are picked from the shelves and put into 'tasting flights' – a group of wines with a similar style and from the same country and region. All flights are then put into blind tasting bags and tagged with their unique identifier to keep their true identity concealed. Unusual shaped bottles or in strong colours will be decanted into clean anonymous bottles. The wines are now ready for judging.

Temperature controlled storing

Temperature controlled storing

All wines awarded a Gold medal or fall into the Great Value category are transported to a temperature controlled storage facility, where they will be kept until the Trophy Tasting.



At the end of each day’s judging, bottles, leftover wine, packaging and corks all get recycled. In 2017 the IWC recycled 10.5 cubic metres of wine and 231 cubic metres of polystyrene was transformed into insulation for houses.

Award Qualification

Winning a medal at the International Wine Challenge China is a significant achievement. In addition to these medals there are a number of awards that producers can aim for. Many of these awards will be announced at the IWC China dinner in September and are considered the pinnacle of the International Wine Challenge China year.

At the judging, wines will either receive a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal or be given a Commended award and awarded points. Wines that do not receive a medal or award are deemed ‘out’. Gold, Silver and Bronze medal-winning wines have received the highest praise from our judges. Commended awards are for wines that have missed out on winning a medal but are considered noteworthy by the IWC China judges. Gold medal-winning wines of the competition will be judged together to select the IWC China 2019 Trophy winners and also the IWC China awards.

The IWC China Medal

The IWC China uses a scoring metric – based on a 100-point scale:
Trophy 95 – 100
Gold 95 – 100
Silver 90 – 94
Bronze 85 – 89
Commended 80 – 84

Winners of Trophy, Gold and Silver medals can use the relevant points stickers to give consumers an understanding of a wine’s ranking in an instant.

To help medal-winning producers make the most of their success, electronic copies of medal logos along with temporary medal certificates can also be downloaded via your IWC China account FOR FREE and for use on your promotional material. There is no embargo on the IWC China results so we encourage all of our medal winners to make the most of these sales tools as soon as the results are publicised.









The IWC China Trophies

IWC China 2019 Trophy result, find out more here.

Sub-Regional, Regional and National Trophies

All gold medal-winning wines in the competition automatically qualify for the IWC China trophy tasting. The trophy tasting is judged by the Panel Chairmen and Co-Chairmen who will identify the top wine in each sub-region to award the sub-regional trophies. These sub-regional trophy winners are tasted against each other to find the regional trophy winners. Regional trophy winners are then tasted together to decide the winners of the national trophies.

International Trophies

International trophies will be judged in the same manner as regional trophies but will be by varietal. For example all National Pinot Noir Trophy winners from around the world will be pitched against each other to find the International Pinot Noir Trophy winner.
Champion Wine Trophies

All IWC China national trophy winners are tasted against each other to find the Champion Trophy winners in the categories of red, white, rosé, sparkling, fortified and sweet. The winners of these prestigious awards are considered the pinnacle of the International Wine Challenge awards.

Winemaker of the Year Awards

The IWC China collates data from the results of the competition, analyses and scores it to determine the winners of the Winemaker of the Year awards. Producers are awarded points for each wine entered into the competition that have won a trophy, gold, silver, bronze medal or commended award. Points are deducted for wine submitted into the competition that did not win an award. The results are then weighted based on the volume of entry and finally given an average score per wine. Only wines submitted within five years of the most recent vintage will be included in a producer’s score for a Winemaker of the Year Award. Bonus points will be awarded for wines that are in the most recent vintage.

Special Awards

These awards aim to recognise excellence in the Chinese wine trade. The IWC China Personality of the Year and Lifetime Achievement Awards also fall into this category. These awards are bestowed on those people within the trade that have shown dedication and commitment beyond the norm, and have made a real difference to the global wine industry

IWC China Champion Red Wine 2019

IWC China Champion White Wine 2019

IWC China Champion Sparkling Wine 2019

IWC China Champion Sweet Wine 2019

IWC China Champion Fortified 2019

Promote your IWC China awards

Winning a medal at the International Wine Challenge China is a significant achievement and a fantastic endorsement of your brand. To help medal-winning producers make the most of their success the IWC China produces high-shine, foil bottle stickers. These stickers are a proven sales tool which can directly influence a customer’s purchasing decision.

An independent study in the UK has shown that IWC medal stickers increase average sales of an award-winning wine by 15% and also encourage shoppers to spend a little extra on wines that have won an award. High-shine, foil Medal and/or IWC China Points stickers will be available to purchase.

The IWC China stickers are for use in mainland China only as they are designed for the Chinese consumer.


IWC China Medal Sticker

sticker image 1


IWC China 2020 medal stickers (Gold, Silver,Bronze or Commended medal or Trophy winners)  – a great way to promote your win and increase sales!  For enquiries relating to bottle stickers please find out more here

The normal price for IWC medal stickers is £47 (RMB 400) per 1,000 stickers, IWC China 2019 stickers are now available to order, please find out more here.

IWC Stickers are a proven promotional tool to help wines sales at retail level. Please look here for the facts.

The IWC China will make these available to order as soon as the IWC China 2020 results are made available in June 2020.

*Terms and conditions:

- All IWC China Gold, Silver, Bronze, Commended medal or Trophy winners can order IWC China bottle stickers.

- IWC China will use SF-Express for the delivery service and it will be freight collect.

- IWC China Stickers should only be applied to IWC China Award winning wines and their specific vintage.

- IWC China Sticker are not transferrable to other vintages or wines.

- IWC China will only deliver to the entrant’s address.

- IWC China Stickers ONLY to be used on wines for sale in China.

When our customers see the universally respected and recognisable sticker of the IWC awards on a wine, it acts as a beacon, helping them to zoom in on their choice, safe in the knowledge that the industry’s finest have merited it with that sticker. IWC stickers are another tool that makes life easier for our customers and that’s why we value them highly.

Emma ShawCategory manager at Oddbins (UK)

Who tastes the wines?

Judging is collegiate, which means at any one time a number of experienced experts are tasting and discussing the wines. At the helm of the judges are four Chairmen, each of them leaders in their field. Between them, they taste every single medal-winning wine, ensuring that only the best succeed.

Iain Riggs AM

Australian Iain Riggs is a veteran of 47 vintages, including 36 with Brokenwood Wines, of which he is managing director, chief winemaker and part owner. Iain has had a wide and varied career in winemaking, judging, mentoring, educating, and as a thought pioneer in Australian wine.
He is widely recognised as one of the exceptional people of the Australian wine industry. His many achievements and accolades were crowned with an Order of Australia (AM) in the 2018 Queen’s Birthday Honours.
The recognition is for his significant service to oenology as a winemaker, to the development of the Australian wine industry, and to the promotion of the Hunter Valley region.
Other career highlights include being an inaugural board member of the Winemakers Federation of Australia and chairman of the Hunter Valley Wine Show, having taken over from Len Evans in 2002.
Iain was also chairman of the IWCC’s predecessor, the Shanghai International Wine Challenge, for eight years.
Iain’s current roles include chairman of trustees of the Len Evans Foundation that conducts the prestigious week-long Len Evans Tutorial.

Yang LU MS

Yang Lu is the first and only Chinese Master Sommelier in the world and is widely regarded as the most influential wine sommelier in China.  As the leading wine authority, Yang Lu has been successful in multiple fields of the wine industry.  He is Corporate Wine Consultant for Shangri-La Hotel Group, and also provides all-round consulting services for multiple Michelin and Black Pearl Guide restaurants.  Yang is regarded as China’s top wine educator and founded Grapea & Co, the foremost wine education and service institute in China, providing a learning platform for professionals and wine lovers in more than 10 cities.  He serves as Chief Wine Editor for the world-renowned Food & Wine (China Version), and translated and published World Atlas of Wine and How to Tast. Yang also holds WSET Level 4 Diploma, and graduated with Viticulture and Winemaking Degree from Niagara College.  Yang is the champion of the Best Sommelier Greater China Competition and all three major sommelier competitions in China. For his contribution, Yang Lu has been awarded with many international recognitions, including “Young Hope” by by French Agriculture Ministry, “The Most Notable Sommelier in China” by Meininger Wine Business International, “Notable Alumni” by WSET, and most recently “2018 Man of the Year” by the Drink Business.

Kenichi Ohashi MW

Kenichi (Ken) Ohashi MW is a leading Japanese wine and Sake distributor in Tokyo with accolades from the industry. Awarded Best Wine Merchant 1999 by Japan Sommelier Association he has shown his intricate knowledge of the subject both at home and abroad. He is author of "Natural Wine" and is the online wine columnist of Japan's top wine publication 'Wine Report'. He holds a Diploma from WSET in London and He is a Master of Wine and was also awarded the Personality of the Year 2016 by the IWC. He has also been certified as a Master of Sake (SSI) and Sake Expert Assessor (NRIB). In addition, he has started exporting his selection of Sake and Japanese wines to the world market.

IWC China Trade Tasting - St. Regis Shanghai Jingan Hotel

The IWC China Trade Tasting provides a unique platform for IWC China competition winners to showcase their wines in China. All entries into the IWC China plus £70 per wine can be submitted into the IWC China Trade Tasting, the same day as the IWC Gala dinner. Buyers from all channels, including supermarkets, agents, independents, and major restaurant and hotel chains, will be invited to attend the IWC China Trade Tasting to taste the wines. 

The IWC China Trade tasting is a free pour event. We will open all wines for visitors to sample themselves.

Premium tables is available for producers to present their wines in person, each individual tasting table will cost £666 /6,000 RMB.

You can view photographs of the 2019 trade tasting here and video highlights for the event here.


IWC China Roadshow

IWC China will showcase and recommend the medal winning wines to the major wine consumption cities in China. We have suspended the China Trade Roadshow for 2020, and will consider this again in 2021.