JD Super & IWC China

JD & IWC China

JD Super, China’s largest online retailer, with 330 million active users, has signed an agreement with IWC China to help promote and sell IWC China awarded wines in China.

JD.com have pledged to assign an area of their website exclusively to IWC China medal winning wines.

Get listed in three easy steps:

Step one

Enter your wines into IWC China by 2 May 2020, and if they win an award, they are eligible to sell on the JD.com site.


Step two

IWC China medal winners (announced on 25 June 2020) can be listed on JD.com. This can either be negotiated direct with JD Super; or using your existing importer’s JD.com shop; or with the help of IWC China partners Waigaoqiao Wine Centre in Shanghai who can help facilitate your JD shop, and import and distribute your wine to consumers in China.


Step three

Make sure every winning wine bottle has a hologrammed IWC China sticker on it to prove its authenticity. Buy here.

The IWC China team will help connect wine producers with JD Super when the results are published in July 2020. The IWC China / JD.com page will be live from July 2020.



IWC China announces partnership with China’s largest retailer JD.com


BEIJING, January 14, 2020 -- IWC China, the international wine competition specifically designed for the Chinese market, announces partnership with China’s largest retailer, JD.com, to give medal-winning wines a sales platform in China.


The partnership which begins immediately means that all wine producers awarded medals (Trophy, Gold, Silver, Bronze or Commended) in IWC China 2020 will be offered the chance to sell to Chinese wine buyers or consumers directly through JD.com which has over 330 million active users.



After liaising with the online retail giant, medal-winning producers will be able to decide the best approach to entering the China market – such as importing directly through JD.com, local direct sales  through JD.com in China, opening a flagship store, or establishing an arrangement for cross-border trade. 

JD.com is also establishing an IWC China promotional area on its website, listing all IWC China award-winning wines. This will appeal to consumers looking for guarantees of authenticity. 

If an awarded producer already has an importer in China, JD.com will discuss promotion and delivery opportunities with them. If they already have a listing on the website, JD.com will ensure their wines also appear in the IWC China promotional space.


IWC Event Director – Mr. Chris Ashton

IWC Director Chris Ashton said: “I am delighted to sign this agreement with JD.com for listings on its e-commerce platform. It allows our award-winning wines to get their first listing in China after they have won an IWC China award. Also, existing JD.com customers’ wines will be listed in the IWC China promotional area on the website as well. I see this as a win-win agreement for JD.com, IWC China, winemakers and the wine buying public.”

JD.com has over 330 million active users. JD.com already partners with most of the famous global wine brands such as Concha y Toro, DBR, Penfolds, Robert Mondavi, Yellow Tail, and others. 

JD.com sets the standard for online shopping through its rigorous commitment to quality and authenticity.  Its unrivalled nationwide fulfilment network covers 99% of China’s population, and provides standard, same, and next-day delivery - a level of service and speed that is unmatched globally.

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